Wearable Technologies – Why?


At 5WaysWest we all have a natural interest in wearable technology both from a private and professional perspective.

We are an active, travel loving and healthy family. Adding insight to our existing lifestyle through technologies just helps us to keep up the good path……. admitted maybe our 3 year old daughter would not exactly say that she has an interest, but like every other child she benefits from the knowledge and insight we gain in the long run. Our sons are old enough to use technology and to  understand and act upon their data with our guidance.


Louis (9 years old) is wearing a patch that collects over 5,000 data points per minute to provide an accurate view of one’s lifestyle. Through its multiple sensors and associated validated algorithms, the patch provides a comprehensive view of a person’s activity, both during active and non-active periods, calorie expenditure, sleep duration and quality. The patch is worn 24/7 and with a wear period of 7 days, makes it a good tool to make a “digital health check”.

You can follow the hashtag #5wayswestwearables and get a view into the more active part of our lives.

Anna has worked professionally with Wearable Technologies for many years and with the start of our new life in Switzerland primo 2016, we decided to bring technology and data even more to live in our own family.

To day Wearable Technology inches even closer to being the norm! No doubt about that.Yet the wearables market, and in particular, smartwatches are still waiting for that one breakout product that changes everything. Why?


Wearable-Technology_Development and market

Infografic source: Racontour

You can find many definitions about wearable technology, wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, tech togs and fashion electronics which are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions, features and often have smart sensors to access data from your everyday wear.

There are already a lot of wearables on the market – and it is a big market! But how do you actually apply, use and bring data and results to live from these new valuable technologies in a family? A question is also about how perceptions of wearables are – how far is too far? At a recent innovation event in London over 50 senior executives took part in a short survey poll, which sought to gauge attitudes towards the adoption of wearable technology. The poll, which asked questions around the theme of ‘How far is too far?’, had some surprising results. For instance 65% replied that they would use smart clothing to track their children’s whereabouts – would you?! And what type of technology would work for you?!

Our aim is to help you make sense of wearable technology! We will share knowledge, experiences from our work, daily life and from the many travels and adventures we hope to have in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

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