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Why we travel?

You may already have read about how you can travel more, better, and cheaper on some of the travel blogs out there…..But before you explore how to do anything, we think that it’s important to ask yourself  why you travel? Or maybe why you want to travel? People have very different motives… and these motives change as your life evolves.

Basically we travel to understand, learn, grow, evolve, and appreciate the World we share. We believe that a big part of our children’s development and education should be based on insights to the World as well as to your self – and that you do not get this merely by reading books.

The cliché that the World opens up to you if you are open to the World, is one of our driving forces and a basic foundation in our family of five. With five different personalities, five sets of eyes, we will share bits of our lives with the aim to inspire you on your travels and in your daily life!

Travelling….opens your eyes, creates meaningful relationships, develops skills you didn’t know you had, gives you adventures and perspective! Travelling is simply the best school there is……..

Anna og Elli_We travel because

How we travel?

The way we travel is of course a reflection of who we are. We eat healthy, we do a lot of sports and  have a certain taste for good design and quality – but we are by no means perfect or fanatics!

We always think about how we can incorporate physical activity as a companion, not an obstacle, no matter where we go. We are a family with quit differentiated ages and levels, but fortunately practice the same type of sports: Running, swimming, biking and hiking. We love luxury, but luxury has many forms…..

The fuel that drives our travels and adventures are instinct and love – and a lesser degree of planning. This despite the fact that we in our daily lives, similar to other modern families, are slaves of synced calendars and fine-tuned spreadsheets.
This has lead us to a lot of quirky, authentic and intense experiences rather than the traditional sights and tourist traps.
We have seen many parts of the World and dream of seeing even more!!!!

We like to quantify data and believe that everyone can achieve better self knowledge through numbers and guidance. We also believe that our numbers and findings can be valuable to you as a reader! Do you for instance know when your children are most active: When running between rollercoasters in an amusement park, on ski holidays or sightseeing in a city?! And do you have the highest sleep efficiency in your own bed, in a borrowed (Airbnb) bed or in a five star hotel?

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