Our home


Our home is important to us and reflects who we are. Simplicity, beauty, functionality and a creative mindset are the main components in the way we decorate and arrange our home.

A significant part of our interior is brought home from our travels and adventures and now serve as small (and big:-)) daily reminders of all the cool, beautiful and exciting places we have visited.

We recently moved from a house in Denmark to an appartement in Switzerland….. or a loft to be more precise. Shortly before relocating we more or less just finished a full renovation of our house in Denmark….So in the past years we have used a lot of time, effort and hours!!! in and on our home.


If you like the sound of Nordic simplicity mixed with travel memories….now fitted in to a loft of a very old building in the “Old Town” of Solothurn you might want to stay tuned……

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