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5 Ways West tells the story about how we as a family combine our professional and private interest in sleep, performancewearable technology and design with our daily lives and travels.

Besides writing this blog, 5 Ways West offers consultancy within sleep, performance and wearable technology. We are scientifically-grounded and strive to create projects to positively change behavior and unlock peak performance.We combine analytical thinking and intuitive understanding with a “hands-on” approach and take personal responsibility for creating impact together.

We are an active and quality conscious Danish family, who recently moved to Switzerland. We write from our new home in Solothurn.Udsigten fra vores hjem

Moving to Switzerland has been a big step for our family, but also a step that has allowed us to organize our daily life in a new way…. and follow a dream that we have long had.

Our family consists of Ellinor (2013), Louis (2007), Theo (2003), Anna and Jim.
We all share the love of travelling and going on adventures. If you follow the hashtag #5wayswestportrait on Instagram you will find a more in depth presentation of us.
We have long wanted to bring together and share our experiences with wearable technology, travels and bits from our daily life.

Stay tuned and get inspired.

Thank you so much for following a long.



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