The advantage of living among the World’s biggest chocolate consumers…..


Lac Léman, Switzerland, on a very early morning in May 2016 as we were heading to Italy

…and how this relates to a weekend’s Getaway in Asti, Italy

Switzerland is famous for soaring mountains, clear lakes, watches, punctual trains – and legendary chocolate. Did you know that Swiss people are the World’s biggest chocolate consumers? Every year, the average Swiss person eats just under 10 kg of chocolate.

We love chocolate!!! But that is not why we moved here.

Switzerland is one of those countries you often hear about, but very few people have ever had a chance to visit let alone consider living there….and like every where in the World, the country has its advantages and disadvantages. We will not go deeper in to the pro’s and con’s as there are many excellent articles written about this topic, but we will share a story that underlines one of the major drivers that brought us here. Situated in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is simply the perfect location if you, like us, are an active outdoor-lover cloned with an adventurer who loves to travel and discover.

There are so many beautiful and interesting destinations within reach…. and we promised ourselves that we would exploit this, once we moved here. In our former life we had little… or actually no…space  to be impulsive. Further, we lived in Denmark (and let us just underline that Denmark has a lot to offer – but NO mountains:-)) which meant that we often had to travel many hours to get somewhere… resulting in travels being planned and booked months in advance. Not that that is bad – but it, weather you like it or not, inhibits the ability to be spontaneous. You can learn more about why and how we travel here

Since our relocation to Switzerland in late December last year we have had so many great adventures…. and our weekendtrip to Asti, Italy, a few weeks back, was no exception.

Asti is located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy and a 4 h drive from our home in Solothurn. We booked our accommodation 9 days in advance at the most fantastic and authentic Agriturismo (Tre Tigli located 10 km from Asti)  – Italy’s best-kept accommodation secret! If you are not familiar with the concept learn more here.


Travel & sports

When we travel we always think about how we can incorporate physical activity as a companion, not an obstacle, no matter where we go. We are a family with quit differentiated ages and levels, but fortunately practice the same type of sports: Running, swimming, biking and hiking.

Besides training for an uphill mountain run , our stay also served as a kick-start of our test of the newly developed wearable technology  SHFT – The world’s most intelligent virtual running coach. Learn more here.


We decided to start in Asti as we knew that we had more travels in the calendar and wanted to learn what it’s like to work with the coach in different environments (hot, cold, rainy, hilly, mountains, flat etc) . Emagine having your personal running coach with you on every run – no matter where you are in the World? A coach that follows every step you take, and along the way makes you both run faster, more efficiently and with a reduced risk of injuries?! We are currently compiling our experiences and will share soon – stay tuned!

The countryside in the Piedmont Region is very diversified: from the rugged peaks of the massifs of Monte Rosa and of Gran Paradiso, to the damp rice paddies of Vercelli and Novara. 7.6% of the entire territory is considered protected area and there are 56 different national or regional parks. Piedmont is BEAUTIFUL…Perfect for running and biking…. Besides, the agriturismo had a pool which suited our boys, who are currently working hard on becoming better swimmers (they are both training towards a triathlon in August) and our very own pool diva was also thrilled about the facilities….


We spent 3 nights at Tre Tigli and had time to visit the city of Asti, swim… and not the least run along the BEAUTIFUL wine fields…which was perfect and absolutely needed as our “mama” at Tre Tigli indeed made sure that we did not go to bed hungry…. and at all times were loaded with carbs:-)…..

We are planning to go back in the beginning of the fall as we have always dreamed of helping with the harvest of the grapes… and with a host like we had, this might soon no longer be a dream – Thank you, Stefano….








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