Why move to Switzerland when you already live among the happiest people in the World?

The question is totally fair and has been posed to us in various ways since we startet the journey with our blog 5 Ways West only a few weeks back. We are truly grateful for those of you who are following along and your curiosity is humbly appreciated….. Thank you so much for the questions.

We had a good life in Denmark…. a very good life indeed!

Villa Anna…. Our home in Denmark is an old lady from the 1920’s. We bought a wreck and restored it carefully… “She” is something special. 

A house by the sea near Copenhagen, two very good jobs, friends and family relatively close by…. and now you would expect a “but”…. Fact is, there is not but! Fact is that we could have stayed…. Fact is also, that our life had one very significant challenge that our new life in Switzerland has allowed us to battle: Lack of time! Time to be impulsive, to go more on adventure, time to do nothing…… time to just be and be together! Time to do what we want… not what everyone wants us to do.

We managed so many things in our Danish lives… and like a hamster running in a wheel, you just keep on running once you are in there… if not… you fall! And before that became a reality…. we decided to dig deep and find out where we, being a family of 5 with a great variety of ages, interest etc., could lead a life that was more in sync with our values and the dreams that we have in our current life fase. We always kept coming back to Switzerland……

And then… Last summer during a vacation in Lucerne, the initial plan for our Swiss Adventure was grounded. Being the active family we are, Switzerland has always attracted us….and in the middle of our “existential search” Jim was offered a very interesting job that has allowed us to turn everything upside down….. We relocated in late december 2015 and in April 2016 5 Ways West was grounded.

We were very fortunate! And we are fully aware that that is what we are….

Making a choice like we have done, is not something you just do…. and it is especially not something you just do when 3 children are a part of the equation…. (and here comes the “but”)…but we believe that this adventure will contribute to their development and add valuable learning, that will benefit them through out life. Here is their reaction, when they were told about the relocation….It is in Danish, but the look in their faces say more than words….

So why didn’t we just sell our house… quit our jobs….move in to something smaller in the outskirts of Denmark? We could have.. and we though about it many times…but our aim has always been to dream big, work hard and to expand our horizon. Not to sit in the middle of nowhere….a let life pass by…. #neverstopexploring

You can learn more about us by following our account on Instagram. Under the tag #5wayswestportrait you can see who we are.

Thank you for taking part in our adventure!!!

PS: In 2016 Denmark ranked no. 1 in The World Happiness Report.




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